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The mission of the Crusader Nation Library is to engage learners in meaningful opportunities to discover, create, and grow. We challenge learners to develop new and valuable ideas through innovation, collaboration, and experimentation.


We develop innovators, strengthen critical thinkers, nurture creators, build strong communicators, and grow global stewards who will go out and shape the world.

Key Values

  • Commitment to curiosity: The Crusader Nation Library is committed to providing resources, authentic experiences, and a stimulating environment that nurtures students’ curiosity and fosters the exploration of ideas.
  • Commitment to creativity: Crusader Nation Library celebrates the creative ideas, voice, and gifts of all students. We are committed to providing opportunities for creators to look closely, explore complexities, and find opportunities to make, tinker, and design.
  • Commitment to growth: The Crusader Nation Library is committed to fostering the intellectual character of students. We empower students to be global stewards who take risks, explore, think, reflect, and persevere.  
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Meet Mrs. Mainero

Hi there! I'm Mrs. Mainero, and I am proud to serve as your Information Literacy Specialist. Here are 5 facts about me. 

  1. I love to read. When I was in middle school, my favorite books to read were the Harry Potter series and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.
  2. I like to create and make. Right now, I spend a lot of time making Lego towers with my two young boys.  
  3. I like exploring the outdoors. I use the app Seek by iNaturalist to catalog the plants and animals I find. 
  4. My first time in an airplane was when I went skydiving! 
  5. I am a 2020-2021 National Geographic Explorer. I'm working with kids in our community to document the story of human migration. You can learn more about the project and read the student publication by visiting Origins: The Story of Us

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